Nicolas Malinowsky & Tommy Kruise – Disstopia

artworks-000070457213-5bpcve-t500x500If you ever meet someone who doubts the importance of DJ Screw’s (RIP) music, slap them. After you apologize for that knee jerk reaction, introduce them to the music of Tommy Kruise; a kid from Quebec, Canada who has risen to the international stage with his modern re-enterpretation of DJ Screw’s “Chopped and Screwed” sound.┬áNicolas Malinowsky is the graphic designer/music producer/veteran skateboarder who helped create the French Publication Chill. Together they created the melodic, downtempo opus “Disstopia” for Sound Pellegrino. This track is simply undeniable. Whatever you do, don’t tell me I’m wrong about that, I might just slap you.

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One Comment

on “Nicolas Malinowsky & Tommy Kruise – Disstopia
One Comment on “Nicolas Malinowsky & Tommy Kruise – Disstopia
  1. This one sounds like it should be on the blade runner sound track. Great movie, awesome tune. Retro but relevant, the progression was a pleasant surprise.

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