Off Bailey – Eyes Everywhere

artworks-000071411571-48jn0j-t500x500Here is another free track from Fools Gold, this time from Off Bailey. It seems as though no one at the label seems to know what genre this track fits into. They’ve labelled it House, Techno, etc., but none of those terms neatly describe what you are about to hear. Before Electro became a code word for Hard House this would have been Electro, but I would rather tag it with a term you almost never hear anymore. Let’s call this a Freestyle Track, the musical genre not to be confused with an improvised performance. No matter what you call it, it is a banger. It has that old school Africa Bambaataa thing going on with some bass wurbles that update the sound for today. I can’t wait to see how crowds react to this one. Heck, I’m dancing in my chair right now listening to it.

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