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I don’t know what it is about ONDAFLOR.COM that attracts the hackers…but once again we had to deal with an onslaught of brute force attempts, which really just wastes everybody’s time, gives us another IP address (or 3) to blacklist and causes our server to spit out a 500 error…So thank you for waiting, hopefully this makes it up to you guys.

Anyway, here are our picks for this week.

Yasin Bey returns to his Mos Def moniker alongside veteran hip hop producer Ski Beatz with Sensei On The Block. Everybody is talking about this one.

After Herb “The Lovebug”, The Shocklee brothers, and Dre and Yella; the most influential early Hip Hop audio engineer is Bob Power. His work with ATCQ basically changed the way we produce and record Hip Hop music. Now it seems that Mr. Power is officially in charge of the final stages of the new De La Soul album that was recently financed via Kickstarter. Stay up to date with the albums progress here.

The music sounds like a want-to-be “big room” producer tried to bite Daft Punks style miserably, and the video is not really that good. But Star Wars references…it’s fun, it will probably go viral.

Last but not least here is a Canadian protest song, sung by a bunch of middle aged people. So why did it cross my path? Because apparently if you work for the Canadian government and write a song that is critical of them you might loose your job. Apparently, the person has only been suspended from their post but that was enough for this story to gain national attention in Canada. So apparently the people best qualified to be critical of the Canadian government are not allowed to be critical of the government. Apparently free speech doesn’t exist in Canada anymore. The same government seems poised to mass arrest native protesters who are protecting their land according to Canada’s historic treaties. Their is an election coming up and the current government is so plagued with controversies it might be a good idea for them to stop doing things that remind me of the 3rd reich at least until after the election.

Learn more about the protest song here.

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