Papoose – Current Events (Dirty) (Produced by DJ Premier)

artworks-000075993214-k9ad4u-t500x500Lately DJ Premier has been doing two things on his social media: shouting out his partner Guru (R.I.P.) and sharing new unreleased material. If you want to know what all those guys in their 30’s are talking about when they talk about “Real Hip Hop”; then a track produced by DJ Premier, with his “patented” Scratch Chorus’ is probably a good place to start. Papoose kills this one as well, although I really wish he used the N-Word a few less times. Over-use of profanity aside, you have to wonder why music like this isn’t given a fare chance to shine. I understand that sample based beats cause headaches for labels, but samples still get cleared every day. Radio programmers claim that music with “scratching” are too “underground” for their audience, then hire DJs who “scratch” to man the turntables during their “mix-show” slots. This isn’t a case of a certain style of music falling out of fashion as much as it is a style of music being censored and moulded into something that benefits corporations over the communities that it originally inspired. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the latest Lil Wayne, Drake, Future track as much as the next person, but “too much of anything can make you addict” (Xzibit – Paparazzi)

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