Parkinson White & Kyle Cook – Sapphire E.P.

sapphireepI am a big fan of that sound that combines 8bit and analog synths with rhythmic side-chaining. I always referred to this style as post Dilla Downtempo. There is definitely a stream of Downtempo so tied to the influence of Dilla that you would be forgiven if you mistakenly assumed that they were all from Detroit; the “post-Dilla” took that vibe, ran with it and made it their own. Parkinson White & Kyle Cook’s EP combines so many different influences and sub-genres that if I listed them all it would seem like I was trying to invent a bizarre alphabet so as much as it pains me to do it, I will accept their “Future Bass” tag. Not that I think this sounds particularly futuristic, but I guess it would work well in a “sci-fi” movie soundtrack. Trap really doesn’t need another sub-genre. Genre names aside, this is an adventurous EP that explores 8bit sounds and samples combined with analog modelling to create a lush soundtrack that would be a fitting backdrop to a “runner” style video game, or when you are doing the dishes. Just don’t get to excited when the drops hit and find your self smashing your fine china together to express your excitement.

Parkinson White & Kyle Cook’s EP Sapphire is available from TerroRhythm

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One Comment

on “Parkinson White & Kyle Cook – Sapphire E.P.
One Comment on “Parkinson White & Kyle Cook – Sapphire E.P.
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