Philly Moves – Weakday/Fool’s Gold


So it looks like I won’t be finished writing the big piece I’ve been working on all day in time for my self-imposed deadline for this site. I try to at least have two pieces posted per week; the first on tuesday or early wednesday and the second by the end of thursday or early friday. I know it isn’t exactly a schedule, but I try to make it so those who only visit the site once a week can consistently find new stuff to read/ listen to at least two days a week (wednesday and friday).

…Well that wasn’t going to happen this week so instead of one of my well thought out diatribes here is a new video from some kids I might know in real life. If you want to read something about them then peep the article from Complex I stole this video from (this is supposed to be an exclusive for their site), while you’re at it peep the whole album courtesy of Urbnet.

Now if you would excuse me I have to go back to writing one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve ever written. If I am lucky I’ll have it done in time for next week.

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