POOLs – Lets get breakfast

lgbWhat do you post the week one of the best Hip Hop albums of the year is dropped? I don’t know either. I know we probably won’t write much about Kendrick’s opus (yet), because we tend to stray away from covering high profile Hip Hop acts. It is not that we do not like Hip Hop so much as it is that we try to write about things that need our help to get their justified props before we cover projects that everyone already knows about. In other words we are in the business of uncovering musical gems, not polishing them. So, since the best recent release is so high profile, here is a gem from POOLs. It is barely over a minute long, it doesn’t have millions of intricate parts, but for whatever reason I can see it sparkling amongst the dirt it lives in. I wouldn’t want you to miss this one.

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