Popcaan – Hold On (Produced by Dre Skull)

popcaanIf Chronixx’s Dread and Terrible is the most important Reggae album of the year, as I have previously claimed: The most important Dancehall album clearly rests in the hands of Popcaan. “Where We Come From” isn’t just the full length debut of a Singjay, it also firmly puts Popcaan at the top of the Dancehall world. His mentor Vybz Kartel held this position before he was incarcerated, but what makes Popcaan’s achievement truly amazing is that he has reached the pinnacle of the Dancehall scene without the aid of any major label record deals. Kartel was an established artist long before the promotional money from the major labels left Jamaica, making Chronnixx and Popcaan’s recent success’ just that tiny bit more impressive. Where Chronixx topped the charts with anthemic melodies that are hard to forget, Popcaan has done the same but under the guidance of New York’s Dre Skull (Mixpack’s head honcho) the instrumentation has a dash of Hip Hop elements sprinkled throughout that may help his music “cross-over” with a wider, international audience. One thing is certain, the future of Reggae and Dancehall is now more certain than it has been in years. All because of two artists who have decided to release albums full of fresh, coherent material while the majority of the industry keeps chasing after the next hot single. A fact that is best illustrated by Popcaan’s album “Where We Come From” which contains all new material.

Popcaan’s album “Where We Come From” is available from Mixpack

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