R.I.P. DJ Rashad

120612-dj-rashadThe second Chicago electronic music pioneer in less than 30 days to die is “Footwork” Producer/DJ and Pioneer, DJ Rashad (aka Rashad Harden). Footwork, for those who don’t know is a Chicago based movement in which frustrated youth express themselves through frenetic dance moves that are identifiable for their intricate footwork. Footwork Music, sometimes referred to as Juke evolved from a four on the floor House sub-genre into a technical uptempo genre that matches the complexity of the Footwork dancers. RP Boo is credited as the first person to produce a track in the modern Footwork style but Rashad and the rest of  “Teklife” are the most prominent collective in this young genre and fuelled demand for Footwork/Juke music all the way to Eastern Europe. Rashad’s discography goes all the way back to 2004 but he will probably be widely remembered for the ground breaking work he did for the European label Hyperdub.

If you want to learn more about DJ Rashad and his Teklife co-member Spinn, checkout this 2011 interview.

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