Red Rat – Gimmie

newGOOD ENERGY COVERRed Rat’s best friend Daniel “Blaxxx” Lewis (RIP), was my favourite cousin. Like Daniel, Red Rat is also a talented producer. You may not realize this, but the deejay known as Buccaneer and the owner of the “Opera House” label is his father. I suspect his absence from being behind the microphone was probably because of the work he has been doing behind the scenes on his own and for his father’s label. But after what seems like a very long hiatus his “Oh No” catch phrase is back on recordings again. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve never met the guy but I can remember my Uncle Tony (RIP) cracking jokes about him and his friend known as “Black Rat” (I’m not making this up). Red Rat is clearly ageless in the recording booth, I can’t wait to hear more.

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