Saun & Starr – “Hot Shot”

artworks-000072192519-td91j0-t500x500This website is in desperate need for a little more “Funky”, so here it is. Saun and Starr are probably best known as the background singers for Sharon Jones. But with “Hot Shot” they move to the front of the stage to claim their place in history. The female answer to “Sam and Dave”, might be an easy way to describe this duo but the truth is they are definitely unique to the modern Funk/Soul movement. Signed to Daptone Records their sound fits perfectly with the type of Funk/Soul the Daptones have gained an international reputation doing. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, they have been part of the family for years. It is good to hear what the “girls in the back” have to say now that the stage is their’s.

Pre-order Hot Shot b/w Gonna Make Time from the (Daptone) Super Soul Super Store

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on “Saun & Starr – “Hot Shot”
2 Comments on “Saun & Starr – “Hot Shot”
  1. Hi! 🙂

    Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about our new music on Daptone Records! We are two very happy ladies and we appreciate all of you who take the time to show us some love. There’s a lot of artists out there doing great new things but we thank you for spotlighting us, this time.

    So happy you are enjoying it! Thanks too, to everyone who likes, reposts, comments and shares anything pertaining to our new 45 and our very first single, ‘HotShot’ and anything coming in the future.

    It is truly a group effort getting the word out but it appears that the music speaks for itself, in it’s own way. We’re just so excited and happy lot’s of you are discovering us and enjoying our ‘feel good’ music.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Blessings~
    Saun & Starr

  2. Saun Starr of Sharon Jones fame set up shop at Daptone Records’ House of Soul to begin recording an album of their own material. The first single from this session, “Hot Shot,” was an instant success, selling over 2,000 45rpm singles within 6 months of the release.

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