artworks-000079441153-nq99vt-t500x500The thing about “Bass Music” is that it is not a genre per se, it is more of a category that covers a broad selection of music. You could argue that the original Bass Music was Reggae which evolved into Dancehall and then “Jungle/D&B” or you could argue that Funk evolved into Hip Hop and Hip Hop’s offsprings Miami Bass and New Orleans Bounce are the true roots of modern Bass Music. I would argue that both paths of evolution are equally educating today’s Bass hungry producers, and the true love of Bass and Bass culture (in all its forms) is stronger than it has ever been. Sayer’s “No Eyed Deer” greedily borrows from all streams of Bass music to create schizophrenic pastiche that like a collage viewed too closely seems like a mish-mash of styles but viewed observed at a distance becomes a perfectly formed monster.

Download No Eyed Deer on Sayer’s Facebook page

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