Skitzofrenix – Bassline

artworks-000075964541-9wmv06-t500x500I’ve been writing some really long reviews of tracks lately, this isn’t going to be one of them. Not because I like this track less than the others I’ve reviewed, in fact it is the opposite of that. I can sum up all my feelings on this track up with one word….

But that would be too short wouldn’t it. This is the type of track that when A DJ puts it on, it doesn’t fill the dance floor like a pop single, it doesn’t send the crowd to the bar to buy their next drink like a good slow jam, what it does do is send the people on the floor into a frenzy. This is the type of track a DJ needs in his/her arsenal if he/she wants to go beyond “a good job” up to the level which can only be described as “killing it”.

Skitzofrenix – Bassline is available from Main Course 

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