Slick Shoota – Keep Bussin’ EP

artworks-000079921830-gh19ph-t500x500Slick Shoota is back, this time with some 160bpm Footwork inspired beats that have that European flavour. There is less influence from the rough edged, unrefined “Ghetto” sound Juke fans on this side of the Atlantic have grown fond of in favour of a more refined, and calculated approach. I imagine this is what Juke would sound like if it came from Detroit with its more “techno” sound; it even reminds me of “Old School Jungle/D&B” the way he uses sped up samples. The one exception is “Kick”; it isn’t as raw as I like, but it does what a Footwork track is supposed to do. If I don’t want to get up and dance like my feet are on fire it “ain’t” Footwork, plain and simple. Slick Shoota’s EP is awesome, I like how he brought a more melodic approach to the table, it definitely makes the EP easy to listen to from beginning to end. Still, my favourite tracks are probably the least melodic of the bunch; the aforementioned “Kick” and the Addison Groove remix of Juxtopose.

Slick Shoota – Keep Bussin’ EP available from Apothecary Compositions

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