SNAPGHOST – Who Are You (FREE Download)

artworks-000088463659-5hn0e3-t500x500 SnapGhost aka Steven Smith is a San Diego based producer who is currently studying at San Diego City College. His sound ranges from Dubstep to trap and despite his minimal profile (and complete lack of Bio. anywhere on the internet) he has managed to build a loyal following on Soundcloud and Youtube. The only things slowing his well deserved rise within the international “Beats” world is probably his utter lack of any real online presence. He shares a name with a well known phone app, making him next to impossible to research via conventional search engines, he doesn’t have a Bio making him difficult to write about, and he doesn’t even appear to have a “band page” on Facebook. But maybe that is the point, this elusive producer is a “ghost” after all and his beats have that “snap”.

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on “SNAPGHOST – Who Are You (FREE Download)
One Comment on “SNAPGHOST – Who Are You (FREE Download)

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