Spare – 1BLT EP

artworks-000070538649-qpf23w-t500x500-1I’m tired of labels and artists who throw around the word Bass and “Bass Music”. Bass isn’t a musical genre that has certain norms you can lightly follow and then claim you are making “Bass Music”. No, Bass is an actual thing, a noun that describes all the lovely vibrations that occur below 150hz. It is the root note of a chord duplicated an octave (or two or three) lower. In the Reggae world we call it “The Brain”. Instead of following a set group of conventions and trying to convince the world that he makes some brand of “Bass Music” (whatever that means this week). Spare threw the conventions away and greets us with some truly expressive tunes that…wait for it…Actually have Bass (alot of “so-called” “Bass Music” artists should take note), and the best part is he isn’t calling it Bass Music (He’s signed to a Grime Label). This is just good music with lots of Bass.

Head over to fact mag for the full preview.

1BLT comes out this month (March 2014) On Coyote UK

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