Star Chiller – Equinox (free download)

equinoxThe only thing I know about this Star Chiller character is that he is from Montreal, the same city that in recent years a spawned the careers of Lunice and Kaytranada amongst many others. As his name insinuates, Star Chiller’s sound is of the more “chilled out” variety but despite the fact that his “Future” (I am done pointing out how short sighted this genre name is, but poorly named genres tend to be short lived….anyone remember Intelligent Dance Music? Me neither) productions are certainly of the stand-out variety he hasn’t quite captured the Future (again my least favourite genre name for my favourite modern genre..sigh) scene’s wider audience. But heh, I’ll do my part by sharing his music on my meagre music blog. You can do your part by sharing Chiller’s music with your friends and together we can make him/her/them a star…or not, that is up to you…it would require acknowledging and sharing real talent when you hear it. The way we did before it┬ábecame acceptable to be a narcissist.

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