Supastition – Black Bodies

Front_Cover_1_(reduced)This week is like any other. Footage of a young black girl being body slammed by a cop in a classroom has surfaced. A plain clothed police officer shot and killed one of our brothers for the crime of having his vehicle breakdown on the side of the highway. And in Toronto (Canada) footage has surfaced from an ‘activist of the cause’ being harassed by “Toronto’s Finest” for documenting them as they dealt with two young black victims of their racially biased policing.

Since the beginning of the Iraq war older generations have been asking me where are the protest songs? Since September 11th the subjugation of my people has accelerated in parallel with our Islamic friends. The more power we succeed to the Government to protect us from the imaginary “boogie man” the further our rights are violated and lives made meaningless. All to protect the rich white man’s utopia. They have divided us, and now they kill and harass us. Where are the protest songs? They are all around you, they are everywhere. Just your racially biased political system is responsible for allotting the licenses for the distribution of the radio spectrum. Clear Channel isn’t trying to let you hear the songs that threaten their CEO’s way of life and you’ll only find them online if you look for them.

Black Bodies is available on Supastitions latest CD Gold Standard.

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