T.Williams & Shadow Child – Want You To

artworks-000072543670-trkc9z-t500x500Maybe I am loosing my mind but to my ears a lot of what gets passed off these days as “Deep House” sounds an awful lot like “Garage”. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of both genres, and admittedly people get confused when you talk about Garage because it had so many forms over the years before it eventually evolved into “Two Step” and then Grime. Mind you all of this genre confusion is awesome for me since I have had no luck making a decent Deep House track, but I could probably make a Garage tune since I’ve been listening to it going back almost a long as my DJ career. My oldest brother used to send me records from the UK where he was studying. “Want You To” is a collaborative track by T.Williams and Shadow Child, and to say that Shadow Child has been batting 1000 would be an understatement. No matter what you call this track I bet we can all agree that it is really good.

This collaboration is available from PMR Records on the “From 20 Square Feet In Acton” compilation

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One Comment

on “T.Williams & Shadow Child – Want You To
One Comment on “T.Williams & Shadow Child – Want You To
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