Tasty Treat – Found Someone (ft. Tribes) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

artworks-000133361906-5lznwv-originalLife is full of difficult questions. Is Drake an awful dancer or an amazing one? Why are other people using my stage name when I’ve been around since the 90’s…(yea, not linking that one because it is pointless). And what am I going to write about today? Wait that last one is easy. Today marks the beginning of a new series of releases from Nest HQ called Neon Affect and I think it is safe to say that their first steps into this series are seriously strong ones. I am heavily impressed by the shear level of detail and the quality use of the compositional form that this track represents. Did I mention that you can get this track for free? So there is that as well.

Learn more about Tasty Treat’s newest release here.

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