Thundercat – ‘Them Changes’

thundercatnuThundercat aka Flying Lotus’ best friend aka the musician who played bass on most of Kendrick Lamarr’s latest album, aka Erika Badu’s bass player, just announced a mini LP is going to drop next week from him on Brainfeeder. All we know at this point is that this song is on it, and Fly Lo is going to be lending him a hand on it. That’s it…that’s all we got. the one thing I miss about artists having long promotional lead-ups to their releases is that they actually gave us something to write about, these days they are just like…here is an awesome piece of music, and by the way the rest of this album drops next week, and if you don’t write about it immediately then your blog will be left out of all the hype that we about to get…


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