Wonna Deez Nites – Eddie Murphy Feat Beenie Man

wonnadeezThe ONDAFLOR faithful probably remember that we  were one of the first outlets to review Eddie Murphy’s recent venture into the world of Reggae music. By one of the first, I mean that we were literarily months ahead of most outlets on the story. Nothing annoys me more than seeing Facebook posts of “friends” who just discovered Eddie’s “new” Reggae song three months after I had already written a review and posted a link to it. So if I am completely honest about it, the only reason I am sharing his new single with the “King of Dancehall” Beenie Man, is because it is a slow music news day and we are trying to stay consistent for our readers. What do I think about this new one? Well it is pretty good, Eddie can sing. But we’ve known that for decades now. What really held back Eddie’s pop music career wasn’t his lack of talent; it was the bias of an audience that couldn’t picture him to be more than just a “funny man”.

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