Xavier A. – I Give Up

xavieraAs someone who produces the odd track here and there I am always keeping my ears open for unique voices and potential collaborators. That is probably why I decided to follow Xavier A. on Youtube. At his best he has the type of soulful voice that harkens back to the time of great singers like Otis Redding; but with a tone, and voice all his own. Simply put he has a talent worth nurturing and he is one of a kind. Sadly, his Youtube account fell silent for an extended period of time, until today. Today he uploaded new music from his After Crisis EP, an EP that he wrote and produced himself. Now this EP does have some short comings; it feels a bit disjointed, some of the vocal melodies do not properly showcase his skills, maybe he could have used some assistance from an experienced producer to make the project more coherent. But all of that melts away when you hear his voice on “I Give Up”. Maybe this song will go viral, personally I hope that by sharing this song some “Producer” hears in him what I hear and together they create the project that brings Xavier’s voice to the world. If not, I am always looking for collaborators.

You can download Xavier A.’s “After Crisis” EP here.

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