artworks-000134579045-kx4ydd-t500x500I usually hate being late to the party. There is a tough balance between showing up too early and being bored out of your mind while you wait for everyone to show up, or showing up so late that you’ve either missed the bulk of the action or the place is too packed for you to get past the front door. So when I this “Halloween” track showed up in my inbox TODAY, I was a little disappointed. The perfect time for me to share this track would have been the day before Halloween. But truth be told I was out of town and away from my computer, so I figured I’d give this track a listen anyway.

I’m glad I didn’t because this track is dark, but not corny. It has the best elements of Dubstep and Trap mixed together with such a clever dynamic that I feel inspired to hook my turntables up and scratch to it… And even though many Dubstep artists deny any ties to DUB music of the past, their are definitely some small nods to the Sounds System Culture mixed in.

For more info visit Doggstown

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