Zoraida Roman – YOUphoria

zoraida romanWe started following our stats a lot closer over the last two weeks and it turns out that people like everything we post but, you (our readers) really enjoy discovering new singing talent. So let me introduce you all to Zoraida Roman. She has embraced the whole PBR&B thing, but personally I prefer the term “Millennial Soul”. As far as I can tell “Hipster” R&B or whatever you want to call it isn’t particularly Hipster music, or R&B. To me this style is an echo of the late 90’s “Neo-Soul” movement with a light dash of Timbaland’s “stutter step period”, but this is definately more “Soul” then “R&B” to my ears. Zoraida is based out of the NJ/NY area and it is hard to believe that she has garnered so little attention thus far, she is a raw talent waiting to be discoverd, you guys will like what you hear.

Zoraida is working on an EP, you can follow her here.

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